April 30, 2012
By brokenroad GOLD, Scottsburg, Indiana
brokenroad GOLD, Scottsburg, Indiana
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The nights covers me,
but I'm clear as day,
the starry night,
the rustle of wind whipping my dirty blonde hair every which way,
I can hear the crunch of the gravel under me feet,
I feel new,
like nothing else exists but they oxygen that I am breathing,
the moon light shining in my dark brown eyes
is an amazing feeling as I take in a deep breath,
next thing I know I'm running as if I can run away from what I have become,
I don't run out of breath, I just breathe easier,
then I sit under an old willow tree feelings is rough limbs on my shoulders,
I lay there for what seems like hours, staring at the sky,
wishing I could fly up there see the moon up close,
the same moon that is burning into my skin,
this is my unnatural high,
where I can run from anything and everything,
be free, alone, and scream my biggest secrets to the mountain tops,
I never want to leave this Utopia, then I get awoke,
I snap back into this world full of lies, secrets, hate,
the one place where I can't outrun anything that I'm scared of,
when will this world become to be what we all secretly wish it was?
Your Utopia, my Utopia, our paradise?

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