The Serpent's Tongue

April 29, 2012
By SunshineXD BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
SunshineXD BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
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"If I were normal, I'd quite cheerfully go mad & fall over right now"~Kurt Wagner

Their words are their weapons
Vocabulary cuts like a blade
Such simple words allude to their target's emotional decay
Their actions are their duty
A simple shove to the side
It's as if they're programmed to poison their victim's mind

A venom so powerful, there is no cure
Time heals all wounds, but the prognosis remains obscure
The victim is empty; a shell, a waste
The perpetrator leaves them helpless with no account for taste

This is a riot! This is a murder!
Not instant, yet not delayed
This is an outcry! This is death!
Too soon for her, it was catalyzed this way

Sure, she lives & sure, she breathes
But the scars remain totally unseen
Physically unnoticed, but assuredly there
No longer trusting anyone, anytime, anywhere...

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the topic of bullying. It's a very personal issue for me, so I thought, "Why not write something that I can relate to & something that is relatable?" I hope you enjoy my work :)

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