Exept the Fear

May 16, 2012
By RockerChick69 BRONZE, South Dennis, Massachusetts
RockerChick69 BRONZE, South Dennis, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:

Why do we look in the dark for monsters?
Why do we look behind our backs when we are alone?
Why do we pull the covers over our heads at night?
Because we know there is something there.
Why else would we be scared?
We know there is something in the dark. 
The dark holds all things we can't control.
If you can't see something
You can't fight it.
There is no use in looking for our fears
When we can not do anything about them.
Our fears only exist in our minds in the day
And come to life in the night.
They look at you in the night
As you search for them.
And when you fail
They laugh, 
About to pounce.
Don't fight what you can't control.
The result will be life threatening.
You may search for the truth 
But the truth shall remain under the darkness,
Where hell lies
You will never see the beings in the dark,
Until you are ready.
For the end.

The author's comments:
I was in a dark place when i wrote this.

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