I Am A Superhero

May 16, 2012
By IAmOne BRONZE, Gunnison, Colorado
IAmOne BRONZE, Gunnison, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
“One feels as if one is dissolved and merged into Nature. Even more than usual, one feels the insignificance of the individual, and it makes one happy."
-Albert Einstein

It started with a Facebook quiz:
Which superhero are you? Complete this short quiz and find out!
That got me thinking,
Who would I be?
The incredible Hulk!
Hulk Smash!
Probably not.
I’m not big,
Or strong,
Or green.
How about Spider-man?
I’m not really an acrobat.
Or could I be Batman?
I’m Batman.
Nope, not that.
Gotta be macho,
And rich,
and Adam West.
How about Captain America?
Avengers, assemble!
Not a chance.
I’m not charismatic enough,
And I don’t have any super-soldier-serum coursing through my veins.
I could be Superman,
But he had a steady girlfriend.
No chance of that.
I don’t think I’m any other superhero.
Just me.
But I’m pretty super.
I can sway people my way with words,
Make them laugh,
Or cry,
Or change their unchangeable minds.
I am more than Iron Man,
I am made of a solid titanium will,
And a real heart that feels more than electricity.
I’m no ancient god like Thor,
But the hammer mark from my words will stay on Earth forever.
I can’t light myself on fire,
But I can warm people’s hearts.
I can’t shoot lasers out of my eyes,
Which would be pretty sweet,
But I can bore through any layer of lies to the truth of the soul.
I don’t have claws like Wolverine,
But I can cut through any verbal weapon you point at me.
I’m not a classic superhero wearing tights,
(thank god; that would not look good),
But I can do anything,
And I don’t wear a mask.
I have nothing to hide and everything to gain,
Why pretend to be something great,
When I can be incredible?
I won’t worry about being someone everyone already heard of.
I’m the new hero on the block,
So give me a shot.

The author's comments:
This piece is inspired by the new Avengers movie that's out. When I wrote this, I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to see it, so I looked into Marvel comics, and then came up with the idea for the poem.

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