May 16, 2012
By Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
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Sometimes our identities can be false, our judgment askew
And above all else I believe the country is screwed
Yet hope isn’t always so far away
Dreams and Lands covered in Mist to be again discovered by Columbus
We solved many problems; we also have created a few
Our personalities change on that and our point of view
Finding a new way, they say can be hard, but for our sake, I hope it’s easier to take part
To solve the mysteries encoded beyond the intelligence level
And create memories that hopefully will go down on a conscious level
The ability to learn and adapt
The ability to seize and distract
The ability to enforce and counterattack
Have gone down through a warrior’s path
Peace is only an image in our minds
But in all truth, in reality I hope peace can make it on time
For I know that soldiers will keep dying if peace can’t get there in time
So bring them back home to their families
Bring them back home to their wives
Bring them back home to the husbands
And bring them back home before they die

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