May 16, 2012
By DavidWrite BRONZE, Kent WA, Washington
DavidWrite BRONZE, Kent WA, Washington
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Nothing is easy but nothing is inpossble

It more than a city, it more than a country, it more than just a home. It the warm Sunnyside of México, It like sweetness thing I ever know now. it time for me revisit past to warming welcome smells of México, 2 years in México and 11 years in Washington. If I had chance to back to México I will take it and revisit the past.
Memories are moment, life is like a gift , I don’t remember much about it but in heart I know México is full life all day and night partying is what we do and we are just like you, just because I’m different didn’t mean I’m not human. I’m proud to be an American but extremely proud to Mexican.

I am the sand on beach, I am ocean flowing, I am the party, I am the sun rising, I am like new born seeing the world for the first, I am the palm tree, I am wind blowing, I am moon, I am never forgetting about México and I am someday coming home and revisited the past life.
I am the dog that I used to had, I am the cat that I used to had, I am the people, I am the spice in the food, I am home, I am T.N. Mexico, I am Mexico, Mexico is great I don’t need brag.
Soccer is the life of Mexico, people play all day and night and people are up all night just to see Mexico make a Goal. I am so proud to call Mexico home, I am home
People don’t how speak, how work, how play I deserve a change to show that we are not all that different we just want to the American dream, it more than city, I more than a country, it more than home, it the warm sunny side of Mexico Mexico, Mexico

The author's comments:
What inpired is a dream to see my hometown Mexico again

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