If you're reading this . . .

May 16, 2012
By DruAnderson345 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
DruAnderson345 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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If you’re reading this . . . it’s been many years from now.
If you’re reading this . . . you’ve changed
If you’re reading this . . .please, listen to my words of hope.
I hope you still care about people.
I hope you still want to understand.
I hope you found your happiness, not fear.
I fear you will close your heart.
I fear you will lose who you are.
I fear you will give up hope.
I hope you find this letter.
I hope you hear my words.
I hope you read this through.
If you’re reading this . . . It proves you have changed.
If you’re reading this . . . it proves you will change.
If you’re reading this . . . you’ve found who you could be.

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