Sunshine of Hope

May 15, 2012
By Matthew Chauvin BRONZE, Norco, Louisiana
Matthew Chauvin BRONZE, Norco, Louisiana
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Hope grows on us.
We start as children,
hoping our parents would
take us to the amusement park.
Not knowing anything more,
we hope for everything materialistic.
The toys and the food.
The clothes and the shoes.
What else is there to hope for?

As we grew up, we encountered the decisions.
The decisions that could
change our lives forever.
Party or study?
Looks or love?
We wait and hope for the right decision.
But instead of hoping for an outcome,
why don’t we hope
for the intelligence and self-awareness
to not let ourselves in the
constant worrying battle of what is to come?

We are settled down.
We somehow escaped the
risk of hope.
If we didn’t, we figured
out how to fix it.
Now we lose thought in ourselves.
We hope that we may have
healthy and happy children.
We hope we do not
lose our partner in this chaos.
We wait in anxiety on the
fate of long relationships.
Should we hope or act?
Then we reflect on our past.
We have time to slow down and think,
not worrying about what happy-meal toy
we’ll get, if we’ll finish our 15 page
essay for English tomorrow, or if our
spouse forgot to pick the kids up from
soccer practice.
We can’t hope on the past anymore.
That’s over.
We must use that to live how we
never lived before.
The only thing we can hope for, however,
is that we live to see the sun
rise over our lives

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by "Courage" by Anne Sexton. I used hope, however, and explained how hope grows in our lives.

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