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May 5, 2012
By LucidLove BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
LucidLove BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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"Love is a mistake we've all made."

I am from barbeques,
From Disney Movies and darting into an ocean of chlorine-d blue,
I am from the bee’s hive under the attic window,
(Denouncing, Detestable and Disquieting)
I am from the aqua Atlantic,
The found, fond forests,
Whose wonder’s I’d explore.
I’m from beauty and bravery,

From tears and tarnishes,
I’m from the strong-but-shattered,
And the broken-but-brave,
I’m from stand up, and sit down,
I’m from speaking up and shutting up.
I’m from keeping to yourself,

With family feuds

And school shoot-downs
I’m from Carey and Linda’s branch,
From butterflies and yellow roses,
I’m from David and Richard’s branch,
From photography and turtles,
I’m from packing up and leaving, to a whole ‘nother world,
From being separated from my blood,
The cardboard boxes scattered throughout,
Were a constant reminder of the past and the stories,
Both hidden and forbidden,
From the known and the shown,
The memories, budded and bloomed,
I am from those moments-
Of being the branch shadowed by the tattered thorn,
(Insecure, incognizant and inconspicuous)

The author's comments:
I changed the format a little, but its basically the same format. I had a lot of fun!

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