rainy days

May 14, 2012
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Sitting quietly
On the bed against the window
Wondering what could have been his
If he didn’t lose his chance

Tears roll down his cheeks
Like raindrops down the side of a building
Clouds twirl around in his head
Forming tornadoes
Ripping through every emotion

Sitting calmly, motionless
Of the inside is horrifying
A hurricane
Yet the eyes are on the outside

He watches the dim day
Time slows down
Listening to every tic the clock sounds
The stillness of the room
Letting his mind wander even further
Every moment that did happen
Or could’ve happened

He lost his battle
His king surrendered to the queen
As the knights surrounded him
Stuck on his last chess piece

One last tear falls to his lap
Filling the ocean he had just created
Clouds start to clear
Time tic’s faster
The storm has passed
Until another rainy day

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