May 13, 2012
By Anonymous


It is all about you
How you look and feel and perform
This is what most people think about it
It is really about sweat,
Feelings, lines, positions, and

Pointed feet

There are many types of it
At least eight
People express feelings through it

From happiness to anger and
Everything in between
Yes, there are still teachers and learning
And drama and
Being the best or the worst
Everyone knows everything about everyone
And everyone has a reputation

You get bruises, sore muscles,
Emotions, tears, broken bones,
Pulled muscles, and strong abs
From it as well as happiness.
It is like another world when
You step on to the stage
Like your life doesn’t
even exist, it is the best
Feeling to get rid of drama
And all the strife in your life

Nothing else matters except
How well you do it.
It involves music and
Emotions and expressing
Feeling. You even
Get to be sassy sometimes
Yes, there is still hard work,
But when you love something this
Much, who cares?

Right before it starts everyone is
Waiting in the wings.
But even before that we all
Get in a circle and pray for safety and success.
Once the music starts the curtain comes up
And everyone starts dancing.
Then the audience applauds because
The performance is fantastic.
You feel anxious, nervous, and
Excited all at the same time

Nothing feels as good as stepping on that
Stage with all eyes on you because you are

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