May 13, 2012
By flamingbizcut BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
flamingbizcut BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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Society claims We are Free
The Constitution says We should always be Free
The Government forces Us to believe We are Free
Why should We Care?
Why should We Listen?
Why should We take a Stand?
They say We’re Crazy.
They say We’re Delusional.
They say We’re Wrong.
BUT I say the Opposite.
I say what No One wants to hear.
I say the Truth.
We are supposed to have Protection.
We are supposed to have Freedom
We are supposed to have Justice.
SOPA does not Protect
SOPA does not allow Freedom
SOPA does not condone Justice.
SOPA Limits.
SOPA Lies.
SOPA Liquidates.
CISPA does not Protect
CISPA does not allow Freedom
CISPA does not condone Justice
CISPA Steals.
CISPA Sells.
CISPA Slaughters.
The Patriot Act Over Protects
The Patriot Act does not allow Freedom
The Patriot act does not condone Justice.
The Patriot Act Cheats.
The Patriot Act Compels
The Patriot Conceals.
TSA Over Protects
TSA does not allow Freedom.
TSA does not condone Justice.
TSA Discriminates.
TSA Destroys
TSA Dehumanizes.
All of These Hide the Truth
All of These Harass the Truth
All of These Hinder the Truth.
What should We do?
How do We stop this?
Why did this Happen?
All questions that I Myself have Asked.
All questions that I Myself have Pondered.
All questions that I Myself have found Answers to.
If You realize One Thing Today.
If You realize One Thing Ever.
Realize This---------
Know You are being watched
Know You are not Free
Know Your first Impulse is Wrong.

The author's comments:
This is my personal feelings about America.

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