My Day, Six Words at a Time

May 3, 2012
Before the sun, out the door
Board in hand, riding my bike
Offshore winds, what a beautiful day
Crisp, clean, glossy, best weather yet
Waves rose and curled, gentle hush
Orange tinted sand, bright, blue ocean
No other inhabitants, my secret beach.
Drop bag, strap on the leash
Perfect picture, nothing better, I’m off
Awoken by refreshment of cool waters
Paddle, dive low, paddle, dive low
Sitting on top of the board
Waiting ever so patiently for something
Watching pelicans glide alongside the waves
My cue as the sun tells
Hills of lush blue water progressing
A gentle set rolls by beneath
Picking up the pace, getting ahead
Laying down, one with the board
Darkness creeps on in, deep rushing
Peer left, right, opening is revealed
Leaning forward, falling down near bottom
Popping up at the right moment
Veer right, just enough to turn
Going, going, gone with the wave
Time slows down, there’s always more
Turquoise, glossy wall, smooth like glass
Water splashing over the board’s side
Leaning ever closer into the tube
Down so low, world of water
All around me, sun shimmering through
Light at the end distancing itself
A vortex of water swirling around
Carving up, down within the tunnel
It feels like I’m breathing underwater
Swimming, and living with the fish
White light begins to shine brighter
I’m waking up for the first time
Stuck in my world of dreams
Breath of air, finishing the ride
Up, over, and out the wave
My time is done, new beginning
All day, alone and at peace
Dawn to dusk, absolutely nothing else
Gazing upon the sun’s final descent
Board in hand, riding my bike,

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