Love me, leave me

May 3, 2012
By Naujeeboo SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Naujeeboo SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Love me, Leave me

Love me, leave me,
That’s the process of my life.

Love me then leave me.
No strings attached.

Love me fast.
Or just until sunrise,

You can love me or hate me.
No in-between.

Paid to love them all,
Paid to lie, and say I do.

We make a five minute bond.
No time for chatting.

You can love me or hate me.
No in-between.

The time flies,
So make it fast.

Love me, leave me.
Not the first or the last.

Thinking to myself how did I end up here?
No real love lost, no real love found.

Had someone real,
Left him for the material things,

Excited by the sparkle and the shine
Now I’m alone.

Only left with our memories
Only left with our good times,

What’s the point of these diamonds, houses, and cars?
If I don’t have anyone real to share it with,
Left behind by wanna-be love
Love me; leave me, the cycle of my life.

Going in a heart,
Stopping at its point,

Our love is over,
Time for you to go,

Love me, leave me
Like there was no love found at all.

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