Kids with Kids

May 3, 2012
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Not yet do the parents know that they will soon be the youngest grandparents on the block.

Walking through the store, everyone stares but no one says a thing.

The girl tries to hide her secret from the world, but these eight months will not allow her that simple pleasure.

She is alone now. Her mother is by her side but that is not enough, her child has no father.

Her stomach turns, nervous at the thought that someday a child will ask why he has no daddy, why she made him leave.

She gets sick at the thought of having to explain this confusing story of her terrible past to her child.

At school, her friends smile. They buy her cute things, trying to still be her friend and act like they accept her problems.

But they don't, they never accepted her to begin with.

She could see right through their smiling faces, to their hearts.

She knows she's too young.

It is over now but she stays there in her mother's arms rocking, being pacified by her mother as if she is a baby.

Thinking, wishing, knowing that she's to young.

Twelve hours later, holding a new life in her arms, her new life, she cries.

Not about her parents, her classmates, the strangers at the store, or about the child's father, just about the beautiful baby boy that has now giving her life whole new meaning.

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