Once Upon A Time...

May 3, 2012
By Roza2013 BRONZE, Williamston, Michigan
Roza2013 BRONZE, Williamston, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Life kicks you around sometimes, it scares you and beats you up. But there comes a time when you realize you aren't just a survivor, you're a fighter, you are stronger than anything it throws your way... And you are."

For little girls they are the hope and daydream of someday, somehow bring a real princess
Having a Fairy Godmother grant all your wishes, going to the ball and; of course, finding Prince charming

For little boys they’re the wonder and adventure of being a brave knight.
Going on epic quests, fighting battles, rescuing damsels and the like

But as for the ones who have grown?
Those who have moved on and forgotten the days of make believe and childhood folly?

Some blossom into real princesses, as they’d always dreamt to
Leading a life of beauty, talent, intelligence, happiness
All of the things a true princess possesses
Time filled with simplicity and magic

Almost all little boys grow into knights
Granted, there are no dragons to be slain, and very few battles to win or quests to venture off on
But almost all grown boys, and men alike; try to be the hero of their own story

They want to be valiant and brave
A life of recognition, courage and power.

But, in this real-life fantasy
What of the girls who don’t blossom into princesses?
The ones who would rather save themselves than waste their life away in a tower waiting for rescue
The ones who can’t turn heads with their beauty
Who are simply, plain and ordinary
The shy wallflower who keeps to herself like a flower shaded from and sun, water, or fresh air
What is her place?
Does she simply play a mere wench?
Roaming in the background, never speaking, just existing as scenery for those who are higher than she?
Never getting her time in the light?

And of course, what of the court jester, the squire, the page and the stable boy?

He who isn’t as handsome or brave as the knight, but is filled with cheer, wit, and melancholy
Always the life of the room, the humor and comic relief
If he wants attention, the best way to get it is surely through laughter

The squire is merely an errand boy
“Squire, fetch my lance”
“Squire, polish my armor”
All he ever hears is order after order
Command after command
Can he ever rise above his lowly stature?

The page’s duty is simple
Introduce his knight, make him look the best he can
Then exit to the side
And let the hero do his job
But how much worth does he truly possess?

The stable boy and the knight could be one and the same
They are both handsome, and both equally as kind and fair
Yet the stable boy lacks in confidence and courage
He’d rather stay home and tend to simple tasks, than go off on perilous adventures
He would give anything to belong to a princess
But sees her as much higher than he could ever grasp
If only he could see what he could become.

Although they seem insignifigant
These mere peasants five
the joker, right-hand, wench, announcer and farm boy
They are much more crucial to the plot
Than anyone gives them credit for
They could rise above what they are
Be something more
So much greater
So much more important
So much more famous
If only they saw the light

Everyone deserves happily ever after
Be they peasant or nobility
Everyone deserves to live happy and free
All deserve recognition and notice
But do we all truly receive it?
Only the chosen selection
All could achieve it, if only they believed
Dreamt bigger
Wished harder
Fought stronger

All can control their own tale
Regardless of anything or anyone else
Your ending
Your last page
Your happily ever after
All of it is up to one
That one, is you…

The author's comments:
Just a new perspective on fairytales and how they apply to everyday life...

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