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May 3, 2012
By LinsT BRONZE, San Ysidro, New Mexico
LinsT BRONZE, San Ysidro, New Mexico
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Unlikely characters that plague the mind and change the social status of it's victim. Altering it into some other metamorphic creature of living flesh with a brain attached to it so it appears human. You wonder who or what is this? Seems beyond belief when just yesterday everything was fine and the next everything has just gone horrible wrong. Then you begin to wonder and think did you have something to do with this? Was it you who afflicted this upon your beloved? What evil will was set upon someone who was so perfect in the beginning. Deep down you know that all this causing was for pleasure not pain, an escape not captivity. And you know this will that was set upon this person was by choice not chance. A self order type of think. We wish that we could prevent it, but we can't all we can do is offer our arms for hugs, our ears for listening, and our hearts for love.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem as sort of how it is like when you take drugs or alcohol, the lives it claims, and how the families of the victims feel. I hope that in writing this people will understand the true hidden meaning.

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