May 3, 2012
By Leah Allison SILVER, White Heath, Illinois
Leah Allison SILVER, White Heath, Illinois
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excitement is stepping on the field
When you know you're ready to play

anticipation is the game thats about to begin
when you throw the last warm-up pitch

anxiety is the opponents
as they step on the field

pride is the power that I hold in my hand
when its up to you to throw strikes

confidence is what i feel on the mound
when i know i can strik the batter out

victorious is what i feel when i hear the wiff of the bat
the batter just missed the ball

Joy is the roar of the crowd when
we make a great play

energy is the sprig in my step
as we run off the field

excitment is the crack of the bat
when the ball goes flying

accomplishment is another win
once we have defeated the other team

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