A Lost Love...

May 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Hand in hand, they walk down the street. Speaking of their wedding, and who they'd like to see. A gun shot is fired, and the killer he runs. Leaving the man to hold his bleeding love. With a shot to the chest, he cries You'll be just fine, As he squeezes her hand and prays for her life. She silently whispers, Kiss it all better, I'm not ready.. to go. It's not your fault love, you didn't know, Please hold me close, I'm growing cold. He hugs her tightly as blood stains his clothes, He screams I won't let go, I can't let go. Now he sits in his room, staring at the ceiling. He can't forget the killer, the one who made the feeling. The feeling of him being so alone. Slowly he prays, please God keep her safe, as he hears his angel say... Kiss it all better, Please let me go. It's not your fault love, you didn't know, just let me go...

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