Small Town Heart

May 4, 2012
I am from antique doll houses
From laundry chutes and a twisting maze of staircases
I am from the small town farm
(real starry skies, true fresh air)
I am from the corn fields
Stretching out forever across the road
I'm from the annual Swedish Festival and family dinners
From outside kittens and herds of sheep
I'm from the old barn and rusted mill

From "You need a bath, you're covered in dirt."
And "Stop fighting with your brother."
I'm from a one-church town
Where everyone goes every Sunday
From that one climbing tree in the yard
and chasing an escaped cow
From driving the tractor with Uncle Eldon
And falling asleep during the Husker game
From the family photos and kid drawings on the fridge
As the faces grew older and disappeared
And kid drawings became recognizable works of art

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