I am Aphrodite

May 11, 2012
By smileylexi SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
smileylexi SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Beauty and love
Blossomed from a spring flower
Beautiful and pure
Like the midnight sun
Waiting to be picked
Amidst a field of roses
Foes and bows
Till a summer’s end
And death do us part
Waiting the call to love

Beauty and grace
As angels descend
Upon the land
Surrounded by grace and beauty
Loved to the ends of time
Beauty and grace
From the mist of night
Waiting the call to grace

Beauty and peace
From the skies about
Pour down like rain
Be still and know
You are in this place
So come and stay to rest
Lay your head upon the breast
Waiting the call to peace

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