May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Shadows linger in every corner
Haunting me day and night.
Claws reach into me tearing me apart,
As darkness begins to cover the light.
Knives whirl into me
Piercing my heart and soul.
Everything I once was,
Was now a thing of the past.

Happiness is an impossible dream
As darkness envelopes me
Wrapping me in an endless nightmare.
Hidden behind a false cheery smile,
I see nothing
Hear nothing
I am nothing.

Running is impossible.
There is nowhere to go.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
Pain is inevitable.

Once there was sunlight.
Once there was hope.
Perhaps I was once on the path to greatness.
But now there is nothing
As I live behind my fake smile
All alone.

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