Break In

May 11, 2012
By idea1238 BRONZE, Golden Valley, Arizona
idea1238 BRONZE, Golden Valley, Arizona
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How did you get in?
Into the world
I've built for myself
Where the wind blows gentle
And the grass feels soft
Where I am safe
From the cruelty they call reality

How did you get in?
No one else ever has
Some wanted to
But they were denied
So how did you breakthrough
My carefully constructed walls
To join me here
Laying among the grass and wild flowers
Laughing with glee

Maybe it's because
I built this world
For You and Me

The author's comments:
To me life is scary, so I hide inside my mind and try to keep people at arms length, until that is he came along and broke down my walls freeing me from my own prison. Thank you my love.

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