May 10, 2012
By Shayshay2 SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Shayshay2 SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
It's not worth having if you didn't have it already.

People bring to the table what
things can't.
They hold their have.
And hold life over a stove.
They wish their not, hopping it will come true.
Drop to their knees begging please, but freeze when the plea passes by.
They welcome in wrong just to wish for right.
And when they're restless they gulp down dangers that threatens the body,and when the body can't take it anymore they leave.
Leave drowned in why's.
With lies that hold life together,
when the world is already a delicate feather.
Pushing down the right when wrong comes up,
embracing darkness as if it were a warm hug.
They kill those who didn't join the group.
Break then down to pieces, leave and lie, drifting through the night.
But caress your face, forgive and forget, when they threw you into the pit.
And your wishes have come true to wrong the right.
To lose the fight that you knew you could win, but you gave into sin.
They brought to the table darkness, that leaked and spread, hurt and clapped its hands.
Telling you that darkness is the right hand to hold and love.
For people are no more then silly little bugs.

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