Find Your Love (Boy You Don't Know What You Want)

May 10, 2012
By KutieBabyDoll SILVER, Houston, Texas
KutieBabyDoll SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"love isn't a losing game"

Sitting here with you
Don't you understand?
imm not that girl you think i am
Trying 2 play your game
but you don't see imm trying to look for love<3
Your treating meh like imm nothing just a come and go drive
Why don't you open your eyes?
this ain't no fantasy of your's
you think you got swag but i made you pretend maybe you just a 0 from 10!
Come On Boy Your Love was Fake
you should leave and take a tissue and wipe your smile of your face
cause you don't know what love is?
I found your inner Thought just playing Girls is fun but you don't know that i maybe the one <3 Break my heart but it didn't hurt </3 as you stare into my way i take my steps and walk away i guess thats a shame for you Now you know dat ain't love don't try and play </3

The author's comments:
THis was bout a boy that Broke my Heart but i Made him realize always Respect a girl cuz he wouldn't know if he is just playing him also like he is playing me.

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