When I Play My Piano

May 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Writing is playing the piano
I’m starting on a new project,
Like I do when I’m playing
Starting, taking my time, going slow
I mess up, just as I begin
I take a deep breath and start again
From the top
Continuing on, choosing my words wisely
Sort of like choosing the keys that I play
And then here comes a tie.
But I don’t stop.
I can’t or it could mess up everything
Leaving my train of thought ruined
Placing me in writers block
I’m thinking
Should I use this word?
Should I play this key?
I decide, making a risky move
But as I put it down
It doesn’t sound that bad,
It could maybe work
Proceeding on,
It seems to get harder
As I move on
But it’s okay
Slowly ending, words flowing
Like the sound of my music,
When I play my piano.

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