Dear Mom

April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I know you love me
I know you gave me life
You spilt your blood for me
You carried me
That has to mean something
But since then
You've given me drugs, alcohol
Left me at home alone, age 3
Gave me to my dad's family
Lost me to fostercare, twice
Where was the love then?
Your little girl, too young to know
That her mom's a drunken whore
Not understanding why
She keeps being taken away
Your third child, your baby
I love you
You gave me life
You spilt your blood for me
You gave me your eyes
Your hair, your temper
You also gave me your habits
The stealing, the lying, the cheating
All learned from watching you
I learned from you
Your little girl, happy and clueless
Now grown, dark and conscienceless
Are you proud of me now?
Am I smart now?
You helped make me, shape me
Torn, broken, shattered
Why did you have me?

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