Daughter to Father

May 9, 2012
Years have passed, yet nothing’s changed.
You’re still in and out like life’s a game,
You say that you love me and you seem sincere
Yet nothing you say is ever clear

Your smile brings hope, your eyes never dread
But something about you seems unsaid.
You told me you were done and ready to move on,
I guess it was the drugs talking all along.

I can still feel the numbing warmth of your hug,
The way your arms were protective and snug.
You smiled at me and said things were fine,
To this day I feel you had too much wine.

You let things slip past like nothing at all--
So many birthdays and holidays, without one decent call.
I dream of the days that you never left,
But that only brings upon me more stress.

You've apologized countless times,
For doing wrong and losing track of time.
I wanted to say no and to leave me alone
But something made me pretend I was strong as stone.

You told me life is too short and to live how I please,
Yet you didn't even notice you’re all that I need.
You seem as though addictions are above it all,
Yet they can all end with one single call.

There is one memory that sticks to me most
It’s the one time I saw you, you might as well have been a ghost
It had been months since I saw you, no shocker there
Yet you rang my doorbell and pushed back your hair
You stood there nervous your body shook I could tell
But nothing could come close to the feeling I felt
I could have slammed the door, but instead I let you in
As excuse after excuse poured real thin

I sobbed as though a death had occurred
And told you what happens to my heart in return.
You hugged me and said it won’t happen again,
You told me you were sorry and you just need time to mend.

For some reason I believed it would be different that time
As you promised so much as if the world cost a dime
Of course I was foolish, everything was a lie
Maybe things will get better with time.

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sunshine girl said...
May 11, 2012 at 10:59 am
Well written, it really makes a person stop and think.
Lala said...
May 11, 2012 at 9:24 am
What a beautiful poem. I am sure it will touch many people!!!!
Tia H. said...
May 11, 2012 at 9:23 am
thanks again everyone for rating! means alot to me :) i wrote this my freshman year, i accidentally hit annonymous though so i'm hoping to get that changed haha
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