Climb, Rise, Paint

May 8, 2012
By scarlettstains SILVER, Duluth, Georgia
scarlettstains SILVER, Duluth, Georgia
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The smallest brook can splice a boulder; the tallest building can start from the roughest rocks. Never give up.

A soft, pale light hits the bottom of the well
Illuminating the dank, slippery footholds
With hope, love finds a way to the outside world.

A playful breeze passes through the trees,
Leaves at the mercy of the wind, pinned against a deep pink hue
That is the sunset.
Fickle love moves with the slightest push, a leaf in the wind.

The pensive artist tries in vain to convey his feelings
Through his brush, hacking at a blank canvas.
Colors of the heart fly with quick strokes,
And ends with a beautiful medley of passion,
Yet still unable to capture the feeling that is love.

For love cannot be summed up in a single word,
Captured with the paints of a normal palette.
It can only be observed, admired from afar
A beauty of life we can only hope to encounter

The author's comments:
Started out as a writing assignment, got a little more personal.

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