Summer Camp

April 19, 2012
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I think I just love you
The sweet slushy kind of
summer love
There for a minute then gone
I think I just love you
Sunset on a mountain lake
The kind of moment that
Movies ruin by making seem
More romantic
It’s fate
But it’s so much more than that
I think I just love you
The first love innocent
Heartbreak free
What if I love you
Will you stay forever
Like the boys in books
The ones that the girls fall in love
With their sense of humor and
Good looks
And so if I love you
What will you say
Will you say you love me first
Smelling like the hope of
What if love is the answer
The key to everything
That leads away from disaster
Sweeps us off our feet
Would you give it up for love
I know I’d change my dream
From running in my direction
To meeting yours at a side street
And if love is calling us
Who are we to back away
For I’ve never met someone
Who’s eyes reminded me of the rain
My hand is shaking as I write
The word love
Because what if it isn’t true
What if I give up everything
And you leave without a clue
All the sudden
You wrote me that it was love
The note was folded in your jacket
Smelling like you
Safe and Warm
When I heard ‘love’
I bit my lip because
Love is the only thing I ever really wanted
Unlike what everyone else says
And now that I have it
I’m scared to hold
What if you want it back
And what if love breaks me
Or what if love shapes me
Broken piece by piece
All I want to do is love you
I want to
I love you

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