Doom Yourself to Fail my Friend

May 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Doom yourself to fail my friend,
once more will not change a thing.
Pop another pill my love,
and for you I shall sing.
Tie another noose my sweet,
think not of who you hurt.
Drag another blade dear one,
stem a crimson spurt.
Afraid to get too close brave one?
Don’t think I do not see.
Don’t think I do not feel the same,
for I to must be free.
I can but try to show you,
I can beg and I can plead.
A little of me dies each time,
you pierce your precious skin.
A little of me cries each time,
the voices take you in.
You see… I am the brave one,
the one who mustn’t cry.
With razor edge I swallow it,
I watch you pass me by.
With arms outstretched I reach for you,
I beg you take a stand.
You close your eyes and walk right past,
to the crowds open hand.
I cannot force my love on you,
do with it as you will.
But please know,
when you hurt yourself,
it’s not just you that you kill

The author's comments:
This piece was wroten for one of my best friends

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