Death And Depression

May 4, 2012
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Death and deperession
They separated us
We could not say no
His breath was halted
His eyes scurried to the back of his head
His corpse under this d***ed rock where he forever lays

I became nothing more than a shell granted mobility
In the icy winter air, I sat alone
Such beautiful memories ending in such tragedy

I felt so far away that day
Just as cold and as empty as the words
“Your dad is dead.”

Those words,
Those words,
Those four d***ed words
Still ring in my ears at night reminding me of him

Father lay in bed
His eyes in a blank stare
I poked him and shook him
He couldn’t be dead
No, not my daddy
My mom began to pull me away
I cried and yelled and held onto him w/ all my might
I was no match for her
She held me

My big brother Justin was crying as well
Nothing was making sense
Nothing ever would

Depressions icy hands gripped my hand
He was my security blanket
When he died I did as well
I was never the same
I suffered every day because I was fatherless

This is what began my life story.

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