Town Square

May 7, 2012
By Anonymous

The clock is ticking, the water is running and footsteps are heard all around. Everyone is going about their normal day, everyone but one that is. There is a female teenager, still as a statue, standing out in the pouring rain. Her stance says save me, but her eyes say there's no point. Her head moves gently and she let's her eyes follow another's movements. Somewhere in the distance, several meters away was a boy around the same age. He was walking away with a cold look on his face, but the look was so cold it looked like a mask. The boy was tough and attempted to hold in the tears overwhelming him. With the pouring rain, and absence of people the young boy finally let it out. Tears flowing from his eyes flood the earth. The girl is still standing there as if she were frozen. Something went down in this little town square. Something our hearts can't handle.

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