It's my fault.

April 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I took every precaution that you taught me
Until I realized that every precaution
Was for a woman.
Since I took every precaution
You said I couldn’t be hurt.
But no precaution
Could fit my gender.

Short hair, no ponytails.
No shorts, no tanks.
Never travel alone, never travel at night.
Jeans and a sweatshirt?
Even that could be risky.
But it should be no problem - I’m a boy!

You taught me that
Rape occurred only to women.
You taught me that
I should keep protection
You taught me that
I need to avoid being alone at all times.
You taught me that
I’m the only one who controls the outcome.

You taught him that
It’s not his fault
You taught him that
Somehow I asked for it
You taught him that
I’m not a real man, so I need to be shown that I’m a girl
You taught him that
It’s all my fault because

I was sitting there in shorts and a t-shirt.

The author's comments:
About a personal experience.

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