The Chance to Dream

May 4, 2012
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Sunday was yesterday.
Today is Monday.
I feel the same.
Sunday, yesterday, it was boring.
Today, Monday, I feel the same.
In my head, I wished to fly a thousand places,
Pained at the fact I had no wings.
In my head, I could run faster, jump higher,
Swim in every lake, river, stream and ocean on this earth,
And last night I did those very things,
In my mind’s cozy hearth.
Every now and then,
I get a chance to dream,
Doesn’t matter where and when,
Doesn’t matter what I see.
As long as I can always dream,
My boring days will be outweighed,
As long as I can always dream.
When I awoke this morning,
I knew again the burden of reality,
With alarm clocks droning deep in my eardrums,
My mind in utmost duality,
Trying to rise out of bed,
Trying to start up my day,
I lay, entwined in my sheets,
With nothing to say,
But my head, full of thoughts,
Full of colors and beams
Jam-packed with stars
Like those of my dreams.

I closed my eyes,
And dozed back off to sleep.

Never nod the day’s advance,
Without first,
The chance to dream.

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