Dear Tony

May 4, 2012
I sit here with thoughts swarming through my brain.

My anger for you is beyond manageable.

You left me.

My eyes form wet drops of hatred, which I refuse to let you see.

I'm like a fire hydrant, both red with fury and wet from sadness.

My exterior is hard, but

Inside I'm a scared little girl just crouched low in a corner,

Crying and afraid,

Waiting for her daddy to come rescue her,

But NO, you're selfish and unloving,

Only thinking of your self.

Unaware of the pain you have been putting on people,

Crushing them down into nothing, as they watch you crumbling as well.

When you shot your temple,

You shot my heart.

I walk around with a million different pieces jumping around in my chest.

How can I love anyone now?

Because of you I can barely love myself.

You broke me,

And now,

You're not even around to try to attempt to fix me.

To say I hate you would be a lie.

To say I love you,

Well that would be a joke.

I love who I wish you were.

I hate the person you had been.

If only you could help me love myself again,

Just answer the questions that linger in my thoughts.

You chose the route of a selfish, self consuming a**hole

And you took that chance away.

Are you in heaven?

Are you in he**?

Why does it matter to me though?

Either way you put me in pain.

-Your Daughter

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Laurel15 said...
May 22, 2012 at 10:16 pm
Wow, heartbreaking, but beautiful.
gossamergirl said...
May 22, 2012 at 6:42 pm
beautiful, very touching
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