The Emotional Cancer

May 4, 2012
By Nohche GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Nohche GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Despair is like a cancer that causes us to feel hopelessness
Once it injects us we fall in utter darkness
We feel like our heart is like a storm
A storm that engulfs us into utter destruction
A storm that throws us into waves of emotions
We feel like a slave to our oppressor
Oppressor of emotional downfall
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Why does it hurt so much to feel?
Feeling is like the bully of our heart
It knows our weak spot and tries to belittle us
Despair is like a mockery of happiness because it lasts for short time
Despair itself lasts what feels like eternal
It is the mutation that multiples till it attacks us completely
Dragging us into a tunnel of sadness and grief
We feel unaware of our surroundings
Blinding us of the goodness of the world
Just try not to Cry, Cry, Cry,Cry,Cry
This is what we tell ourselves to take the bullet from our heart
In the end there is a hole that feels like empty space
Storm passes through it chilling our whole being
In the end there will be light just find it

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