Busy Life of a Bee

May 2, 2012
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He wakes up in the morning, excited to leave the hive
He knows he’ll have a busy day, no time to stop and rest.
When one flower is done, it’s on to the next!
Oh, the busy life of a bee!
Today he was given a tough assignment, over twenty bee miles away.
He must travel to the Ruhlin home, and pollinate their garden.
The tulips and roses are waiting on him.
Oh, the busy life of a bee!

Halfway through today’s journey, there’s an awful gust of wind
It blows him backwards, far and fast! back to the beginning again...
Now he must fly faster, finish the work in half the time.
Oh, the busy life of a bee!
Though the toil is hard, the reward is nice.
Honey and nectar made the work worth it,
And now he can finally rest.
Oh, the wonderful life of a bee!

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