A Closed Chapter

May 2, 2012
By Nykeia Coleman BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nykeia Coleman BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Not that long ago I felt it there but now it’s completely gone
I went through all the trouble to get rid of it so if I wanted it back would it be wrong ?
If I read that chapter one more time maybe I’d figure out what was missing and we can just fix that.
I find myself thinking back a little too often in fact but then reality cashes its check.

I realized I finished that book some time ago and I opened another.
Its words aren’t encrypted into the pages with beautiful black ink as yours are.
But printed there in plain black letters that are not so beautiful scream * Read Me*
And so I do. It contains a beautiful story , though its groomsmen ship are a little overdue

The cover is a little torn
The seam is all worn down.
But the story inside is still valid all the emotions; pain, happiness and anger are there.
Clear words across the page unlike your Shakespearian words hard to understand.

You say one thing and meaning another
In this book there are no secrets. No hidden information
I never was good at following those mysterious
Those clues and hunches to how you really feel about me

You say I settled for less
But I feel I’ve got the best
Something real and authentic
I finally feel like I’m worth it

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