Complications Of The Most Complicated

May 1, 2012
By Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Life in the most easiest sense, is hard. Death sounds easier & less painful to go through. With death comes the easy way out, with death there's no coming back. You just bought the one-way ticket to an unknown destination. Maybe Hell, or the light in your troubled life you've been looking for. You would think you don't have to dodge all the obstacles life threw at you, or try to overcome the heartbreak once thrust upon you by a previous love. When you did live, you lived with so much regret & hate in your heart. Every thought of the past ate you up inside. The more you reminisce the more you hung your head down in shame. All those things you stole to cover up that bland little face, couldn't hide the fact you still feel what you felt all those years of your life. There was always curiosity, nothing ever made the slightest of sense. After months of agony you lost your hair, the stress made an impact. Shortly after you've been discovered. There's no coming back from this point on, there are confessions to be made & questions to be answered. You cant escape it. Its been engraved in expression. And now its time to face it dead on.

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