Sorrys Fake Sympathy

April 26, 2012
By Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Its just a joke to you isn't it? I'm quite the trip , is that right? My feelings don't phase you do they? But instantaneously after, you come to your senses and apologize , "Sorry." That's about as good as it gets right? Just a dry meaningless, overused word. Repeating this, "Sorry" to me doesn't mean anything. This word is about as useless to me as the gravel sitting in front of my doorstep.

I step on your "Sorrys"

I spit on your "Sorrys"

I eat your "Sorrys"

furthermore I HATE your "Sorrys". What this term of ignorance means to me is that your apathetic in the moment, but when it comes down to it your most definitely prepared to hurt and disappoint me again, and then afterward comes the overused word. Although believe me when i tell you there is a limit to my strength to cope with these disappointments any longer. When i have reached my max, you will be shameful of the day you got me there. The wise would have chosen to step it up, take the action, and change. While you sit down with ease and feed me with your fake apologies and fake sympathy. Content for now, but you just watch as this accumulates into an immense disaster that will take a turn beyond my control. Regret will run in your mind. And as for I, I will be the one sympathizing for you. And you will have nobody else to blame but yourself.

The author's comments:
sorry doesnt fix everything, not even sorry. When you say sorry, its because your not going to do it again. Sorry is not meant to be repetitive.

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