April 26, 2012
Now you see sweetheart
I think we need to talk
But not about anything good
You know just in case you thought
But for approximately 4 years, 8 months
16 days and TWO hours
I’ve put up will all your….
But today I am taking a laxative of reality
And just like loose bowels I’m deciding to let go
Now I know all about your affairs
When you would leave for day
Talking about your on a business trip
Honey please, I can see right through you
As if you were a transparent piece of glass
You’re not authentic but fabricated
I swear you were birthed by a machine that said
Because there are… too many to count on my hands and feet
Men just like you
Men that don’t know the difference between diamond and cubic zirconium
And it’s sad better yet tragic
I remember the day as if it were yesterday
Poor little Destiny calling to disclose to me
The color of my mans underwear, as if I don’t already know
When hell I bought em
Or telling me just how good my man cooks
Well sweetie I taught em
And you with your tired lines
Talking about some sweetie I’m trying to change
I’m half the man I used to be
One fourth of the man I should be
Yes, but one eighth the man I need you to be
You’re not changing for me, but for it
And just like a junkie, I got you feigning for a hit
A hit you-just-cant-get
Unless of course its baseball
So I’m going to need you to use you
Two eyes to realize what really lies behind
Your decision
Because at the end of the day every person picks their own prize
And I couldn’t pick for you
Don’t put this on me because you picked the wrong puzzle piece
Now you can go on and cry a river
Better yet go cry a sea
But let me let you in on a secret
Your tears they don’t mean much to me
And as sure as night follows day I only got ONE thing to say
You aint got to go home
But you got to get the hell up out of here

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