Words Unspoken

May 2, 2012
By sillydragon BRONZE, Fremont, California
sillydragon BRONZE, Fremont, California
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You didn't want to tell me
but I told you to trust me
so you told me your secret
your biggest regret

And in turn, I let you down
and watched as you drowned
in the rumors that spread like wildfire

I wanted to apologize, I really truly did
but when I saw you crying that next morning, I lost all my nerve
Tomorrow I thought, I'll tell you tomorrow
But tomorrow never came

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months
until months added up into years
And eventually you forgot, stopped giving it thought
But I did not

I wanted to tell you how sorry I was - still am
That it was the biggest mistake I've ever made
If only I could do it over again
To take back those words I shouldn't have said
and give all those words of apology I still hold in
But now it's too late
Guess sometimes words go unspoken

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