May 2, 2012
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Not understanding the world with big words I don't understand.I'm just a girl who cries when her prom date doesn't show.I feel misunderstood, unforgiven, feeling bare. Turned inside out, letting the world see the real me.My heart beating out of beat.Cutting my hair short to show my bare neck.Nobody notices me. What am I supposed to do when my words turn cold? I just want ot be heard, but i speak a different language. You said I seem so Grim, darling will you forgive me? The gators eat and chomp at my on my skin, tearing me open. My hands and nails grow to become claws used for vandalizm. The miscomunication between the left side of me. I cry and scream so somebody can hear me. But their deff with the black whole sucking on thier minds. My fingerprints carry no identification, so that I can't be found. The ink is running out of words to misspell. It's a constant cycle of chatter filling my ears. I'm good, but I can be bad in many ways. No attention. No conversation. Misunderstood in my misery. I'm done. Let's just leave it at that.

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