If Only I Were a Butterfly

May 2, 2012
By Hellokittyninja GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Hellokittyninja GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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If only I were a butterfly
so free and light
I could fly over the flailing hands of small children
and fly over the open mouths of a snapping dog
if I were a butterfly I wouldnt have to think
about all these problems in life

or if I were I firefly I could light up the night
with only my own glow
fly over the oceans and seas
play with all the other flying insects
living soo freely
to never love nor hate again

Free to be me and fly
travel the world
not doing anything but following
following my way of life
already set for me
with no change seen

If my life as a utterfly were to end
I would hardly notice
for if there is an afterlife
I would be flying towards the sun
as I would be doing in my life already

Are butterflies a piece of heaven fallen to us
something to remind us
of paradise?
the one we belive is pretty and warm
but it is truley in the hearts of us in God

as a human we are in charge of our lives
but we can never not think
and just fly
with our own wings
soaring higher and higher into the sky
the hight would be incredable
forever falling in style

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