The Darkness

April 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m losing feeling.
Passion is dying.
The light is fading
And shadows are taking over.

Slowly the numbness engulfs my body,
Gradually I lose control.
I try to fight for what is left
But already too much is gone.

I’m out of time.
I feel nothing at all.
I can't laugh or smile
Nor remember pleasure or pain.

A razor lies before me,
Shining with its saving blade.
I reach for its handle
Hoping it will be the cure.

I want to feel pain,
To at least feel something.
I slash at my wrist and blood seeps out
But still nothing changes.

I continue to slice the delicate skin.
Still hoping that sense will return.
But too many cuts engrave my arm,
None reducing the dullness.

Puddles of red sit on the floor,
Increasing in size with every gash.
Yet the darkness is growing
Even more suffocating than before.

I surrender.
There is no use fighting.
The darkness consumes me
And I close my eyes.

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