My Brothers,My Sisters,My children.

April 24, 2012
By ShadowDancer GOLD, Spokane, Washington
ShadowDancer GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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My brothers, they who sing their mournful songs in the night, a sound of sorrow and death.
My brothers, I too feel the wicked moon, for her touch like ice slipping through my veins drives me mad.
My brothers, how long must we live this lie while those who seek purity dance around us.
My brothers, when will it be our turn? To rise up against this cruel world to show them our power.
My brothers, sharpen your fangs and claws, let us give these pure ones something to really fear.

My sisters, our beauty has gone ignored far too long, our hearts just as pure at theirs.
My sisters, how long shall we run with our children in danger of the pure ones wrath?
My sisters, our howls pierce the night as we seek our family stolen from us while we slept.
My sisters, they point and laugh, discrimination I say! They are the beasts! Not us!
My sisters, bring back the hate for the pure ones..we will stand here and suffer no longer at the hands of them.

My children, close your ears to the lies the pure ones chant, we are here, see us, feel us.
My children, they know nothing of our suffering, they feel nothing for our pain and agony.
My children, come to us so we shall prove to them we are strong, show them what we are.
My children, seek your heritage and return to it. accept what you are and embrace it.
My children, raise you hackles and bare your fangs to them as they come to rip you from your dens.

My ancestors, give us the power to rule, to vanquish the pure ones and take back what is ours.
My ancestors, heal my family’s wounds created by the pure ones torment upon us for so long
My ancestors, show us the path to freedom and power,thrust upon us the glory of our kind
My ancestors, release your howl of fury upon those who refuse to believe,your shriek of anger shall be our guide to success.
My ancestors, your children await your call of war,we stand ready and willing at the gates of hell,our teeth bared and our fur on end as we listen for you howl to mark our time of victory.

My foes, for too long have you denied our existence in this world,when it is you that will now cease to exist.
My foes, you have burned out homes and murdered our young,now is our time of vengeance.
My foes, no longer will we hide in the shadows of this world,today is our day,the day of your demise.
My foes, we shall creep through the streets as you sleep, your dreams shall be ripped from your minds as we ruin your body’s.
My foes, you have chosen this fate and now we, the wolves of hell have come to seek our revenge on this very night.

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