Promises Are Dust

April 24, 2012
By kml91225 GOLD, Dedham, Massachusetts
kml91225 GOLD, Dedham, Massachusetts
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"I promise"
F***…never mind
Promises mean nothing anymore

Based solely on how many
I personally have turned my back to
My promises mean as much as
Dust in the wind,
I no longer have my credibility
To stand on, because
I'd be in a world of nothing at that point

How do I convince you…
I can't, honestly I can't
"You'll just have to trust me"

It's a lame sentence
Because I'm not to be trusted
Not with myself
Nope, never alone

F*** I'm against a wall
Completely trapped
Encased in my own scars
I'm the only one who got me stuck here
I hate myself for that
To make no one trust me

I hate myself more than they ever will
I hope they know that

But I've always known
I would get stuck,
I ignored it.
Told myself,
I'd deal with it when I had too
Well pretty little girl
Stop running
You're done,
You have to face it now

My inner daemon
"Oh, no I don't."
And I'm off in another tailspin
Shedding blood at every turn

I'm not sure when this will end
When I'll get stopped
Because, hell I'm not going to stop myself

The author's comments:
Just feeling a bit fed up.

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