April 29, 2012
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She snuck into my life like an assassin in the dark.
With every passing day, she tears my heart apart.
Whenever she appears, my silence begins with a start.
...But I love her.

No matter my love, she does not give a flip.
The pain on my face, affects her not one bit.
Deeper and deeper I go, into the pit.
...And yet I still love her.

The only thing that melts my heart is her laugh.
The only thing I get lost in is her eyes.
The only thing that brightens my day is her smile.
...And this is why I love her.

Together with her is all I wish to be.
Us together in the future why can't she see?
How fast I fell when she told me.
...That she does love me.

I can feel her slipping from my grasp.
Our life together is coming to pass.
These moments, I fear, will be our last.
...And sadly I will always love her

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