Death By Sea, Born of Stars

April 29, 2012
By Madison Quantock SILVER, Spokane, Washington
Madison Quantock SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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I used to be able to enjoy their company
But now I’m the odd one out
They laugh at their words
Their pictures
Their ideas
I stand alone in the corner
I offer my words
My pictures
My ideas
It’s just not the same in their minds
One or two may join me, but even the best among them is no longer mine
I shed a tear, remembering the connecting link
And how it had been hideously severed away
It was what brought us together
It is now what keeps us apart
I feel the need to breathe
To climb out of the suffocating waves of emotion
I need to break free
To cut away the rest
If I don’t, I know I’ll drown
I’ll sink to the bottom where the sand lays untouched
Except for where the fish and the fake go
I’ll become one of the fake, with their tails flashing
Too good, too bad, too overcoming
I need to taste the sweet air, to touch the open sky
Maybe I belong with the birds
The clouds
The sun
Maybe they belong to the sea
But I was born among stars
There are plenty of fish in the sea
But the stars shine the brightest, and we are too many to count
A penny for your thoughts
Matters less than a wish from your heart

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